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REF-OC CEO Peer Groups®

Since 2007, Ric has been the Orange County, CA Business Partner with REF. Members join our global community because they want to take their businesses to the next level of performance and know being a member of the REF global community will help to take their businesses to the next level of performance. Learn more about our global community at REF.


Each member is encouraged to think of themselves as the Chief Executive Officer of their firm, which means focusing on a growth strategy by leveraging the collective intelligence of the group.


The term CEO Peer Groups® was coined by Ric in 2009 with the publication of his first book. Ric created the term to capture the essence of the experience CEOs and executives have within his community.

What Our Peer Group Clients Are Saying

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REF-OC Peer Group Offerings

Top Executive Peer Groups

Ric leads peer groups in Orange County, California, for CEOs, business owners, and senior executives leading middle-market companies. His community is a diverse group of leading technology, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and professional services firms.

Members run privately-held and public-traded companies with a common goal of taking their businesses to the next level of performance.

The annual cost is $10,000.

Financial Executive Peer Group

Mike Low, Senior Partner with Hardesty LLC, chairs a peer group for CFOs and strategic finance executives who leading Orange County, California firms.


Members come from various industries and share a common desire to grow their technical skills and evolve their leadership skills to stay ahead of the growing demands of their unique positions.


The annual cost is $6,000


Executive Coaching

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