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Critical Mass Business Talk Show

Ric started hosting his Critical Mass Business Talk Show show in 2009 after being interviewed on a podcast about his first book. Immediately following his interview, Ric realized how powerful hosting a show could be and immediately started his journey. Ric’s first show aired on March 2, 2009, a mere four weeks after his initial interview.

Since he started his show, he has conducted more than 1,600 interviews with a wide range of executives, authors, and thought leaders. His show is Orange County’s longest-running business talk show.

Today, his show streams live on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook and features successful Orange County, California executives, and business owners.

Million-Dollar Podcaster™

An entrepreneur at heart, Ric has created a revenue model around his show. Since the show’s inception, Ric has generated over $1,000,000 in revenue from the program. He is highly respected within the podcasting community, which has exploded since Ric pioneered his format.

Positioning of the Show

Critical Mass Business Talk Show is Orange County’s longest-running business talk show. Ric identifies an area of focus for each guest. By doing this, he ensures his guests share transferable knowledge to his audience of CEOs and executives.

His show has featured some of Orange County’s leading executives, including Wing Lam of Wahoo’s Fish Taco. Ric’s 1,000th interview, Ric interviewed Wing in front of a live audience of several hundred business leaders. Ric has interviewed Philip Chang, founder of Yogurtland, Steele Platt of YardHouse, and many other top CEOs running middle-market firms.

Ric has developed a following as a podcast, with his shows now available on a wide range of platforms, from Apple Podcasts to iHeart.

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