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Critical Mass: The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups

This is the first-ever book written about the value that thousands of CEOs and executives receive from their participation in a peer group. Ric wrote his book based on his experience as a peer group member during his time as a president of Delphi Connection Systems. Ric’s book discusses 10 benefits (powers) peer group members get from belonging to a well-constructed mastermind.

This book is packed with solid information and real-world case studies that detail each of The 10 Powers of CEO PEER GROUPS. CRITICAL MASS is a term Ric coined to describe the existence of sufficient momentum in a social system. That momentum becomes self-sustaining and fuels future growth. As the author of the book, Ric explains, in an easy-to-read style, how today’s CEOs and business owners can improve their chances of survival and elevate their companies to greater success by building a mastermind alliance to overcome threats that have become common in today’s business climate.

Find out how to develop critical mass within your firm to propel you to the next level and beyond.

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Critical Mass: The Power of CEO Guiding Principles 3rd Edition

As a respected peer group leader and business talk show host, Ric has gained access to some of the most innovative and creative minds leading middle-market companies. He has had the opportunity to interview hundreds of CEOs and business owners through his business talk show.

These executives have given Ric and his audience insights into their unique leadership styles and guiding principles for leading successful companies. In his business book, Critical Mass: The Power of Guiding Principals (3rd Edition), Ric shares a fountain of wisdom and inspiration to help other executives to understand how vital their guiding principles are to their firm’s success.

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Killing Cats Leads to Rats

Unintended consequences of strategic business decisions had not been researched nor shared in any significant way until Ric decided to undertake this effort. For his Amazon best-selling business book, Killing Cats Leads to Rats, Ric set out to understand the types of unintended consequences and the causes and determine the best practices CEOs could use to avoid, reduce, or mitigate the negative effects of unintended consequences of strategic business decisions.

Ric’s interest in the topic led him to the landmark research by noted American sociologist Dr. Robert K. Merton.  Dr. Merton studied large-scale social systems and the dysfunction that is all too common within their decision-making. Building on Dr. Merton’s research, Ric identified a straightforward six-step process that has been shown to help CEOs to avoid, reduce or at the very least mitigate the adverse effects of unintended consequences. 

Ric’s SECURE™ Model has been field-tested with leadership teams to control the outcomes of their strategic decisions. By employing the model, firms can predict their future performance and minimize the disruption caused by unintended negative consequences.

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Why You Should Seriously Consider Joining a CEO Peer Group

In Ric’s article for Renaissance Executive Forums’ global website, he shares insights on the benefits of CEO Peer Groups®.  Easily accessible and remarkably powerful, these mastermind groups can serve as revolutionary platforms for personal evolution and explosive company growth.

A Look into the Crystal Ball: Five Causes of Unintended Consequences.

In Ric’s article for, he provides insights on how unintended consequences are inevitable in all facets of life, with business being no exception. Unintended consequences are typically the product of misunderstandings or miscalculations with human error as their catalyst. Often, they stem from the fallacy that we think we’ve thoroughly thought things through when we haven’t.

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